SGS Saline Generating Systems Salt Chlorinator for your Pool


  With the SGS Saline Generating System, you will no longer experience dry, irritated skin, red burning eyes and that heavy chlorine smell due to by-products of typical chlorine sanitizing methods.  With the Breeze Series Salt Chlorine Generator, your pool will be continually “shocked” by a much milder and safer type of free chlorine that will result in water that feels soft and luxurious. 


  Download the SGS Residential Brochure


  Saline Generating Systems offers three innovative products for the sanitization of residential swimming pools: the Breeze 320, Breeze 540 and Breeze 760 Salt Chlorine Generators.  The Breeze Series is proudly made in the USA, and designed with the consumer in mind with its simplicity of operation, dependability and increased longevity. 


Contact us today at Florida Leisure Pool & Spa to learn how the switch to the SGS salt chlorine system is the right switch for your pool. 

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