Florida Leisure is the answer to year-round Pool and Spa Care. You can depend on us for all your equipment repairs, automation installations and now water treatment too!

img032.jpgFlorida Leisure specializes in equipment repairs and equipment installations.  Our technicians are industry-trained and are here to take care of your pool and spa professionally and efficiently every time.  We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality repair service for all pool and spa equipment - heaters, timers, controllers, pumps, motors, plumbing, filters, lights and more. 

We access the most cutting edge pool and spa component technology in the industry.  This allows us to pass on the benefits of energy-efficiency cost savings and ease of automation to you.  We offer expert installation of all circulation equipment, automation controls, salt chlorinators, gas heaters, LED lighting, and digital controllers. 

In addition to equipment repairs, Florida Leisure can arrange to take away the fuss of chemical balancing and cleaning maintenance. You may be thinking, 'but I take care of my own pool just fine.'  Think for a moment all that's involved in the weekly maintenance and how you can be spending that precious time enjoying family and friends around your backyard pool. 

 Contact Florida Leisure today at service@FLLeisure.com or 352-373-0612 and start enjoying your pool again while we do all the work!

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