Your swimming pool is your biggest investment outside of your home. And just as important as it is to change your car's oil, it is important to keep your pool equipment in good working condition. Let us come by every couple of months and do the dirty work so you can spend your free time swimming!

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM - Call us today at 352-373-0612 for more info!

We strongly recommend quarterly visits. We can arrange a bi-annual visit schedule too. 


For $149.95 per visit, we will...


Inspect pool equipment, including

Pump and Motor

Check for leaks or evidence of leaks at shaft seals, pump intake & discharge

Inspect pool pump basket, drain plugs and lid oring

Measure amperage draw compared to motor name plate readings

Visual inspection and test of pump operation


Inspect DE grids for broken frames and or deterioration seams

Inspect cartridge filter element bands, rubber caps, pleats

Clean and lube filter orings

Check pressure gauge operation

Visual inspection and test of filter operation

Backwash sand filter and de filter

Clean filter cartridge element


Inspect burner tray, heat exchanger, thermostat, hi limit sensors and thermistor and clean as necessary

Inspect flame

Visual inspection and test of heater operation

Salt Chlorine Generator

Clean cell in muriatic acid bath

Inspect and test SCG operation

Inspect system and sensor components

Test salt and phosphate levels in pool/spa water

Time Controller

Visual inspection and test of proper operation

Inspect and adjust runtimes and schedules as needed

Inspect doors for proper latching

Inspect wire guards are in place properly and wire whips are secured

Pool & Spa Lights

filter cleaning

Inspect and test operation of all pool & spa lights

Inspect color wheels on fiber optic lights

Inspect color sequencing for LED lights

Inspect gfci operation



Additional services, when done with quarterly service: 

$95.00 DE grids cleaning

Add salt, Per bag price or per pound price

$60.00 Add phosphate treatment


Any equipment repairs found to be needed will be noted and reported to you with repair costs. Equipment repairs and water chemistry adjustments are not included in the Quarterly Equipment Maintenance Program. 

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