POOL CLEANING SERVICES customized for you and your pool 


We Clean Green Pools

Is your pool not so pretty looking right now?  

Has it been forgotten about recently?  

Did the big storm turn it into a big mess? we clean green pools.jpg

Did you recently move into a new house with a neglected pool? 

Florida Leisure Pool & Spa can turn your pool around into the refreshing blue pool you are dreaming of.  Some green pools may simply need a good brushing, vacuuming and chemical treatment.  Others may need to be drained, acid washed and refilled.  We will come take a look to discuss with you the best plan for turning your pool around so you can jump right in and swim again!


Full-Service Pool Cleaning Maintenance

Is your pool often cloudy? 

Are there leaves in it every time you are ready to jump in? 

Do you ever wonder if the water is clean and safe enough for your kids to be in it all day? 

Who has time to clean a pool every weekend anyway? 


Florida Leisure Pool & Spa offers several pool cleaning maintenance options because we know that each pool is different and each pool owner wants a different amount of pool cleaning services.  

How often do you need a pool cleaning? 

Several factors contribute to the amount of attention your pool needs.  For example, pools on a salt chlorinator system provide a much more stable and predictable level of sanitizer in the pool than a chlorine pool does.  Also, pools with a screen enclosure are exposed to much less surrounding tree debris.  In contrast, pools that are full of the neighborhood kids everyday need much more chemical attention due to the larger bather load and loss of water from splash outs.  

filter cleaning1.jpg We offer pool cleaning maintenance on a weekly basis. We will:

        • brush pool walls and steps
        • skim pool surface
        • vacuum pool (as necessary)
        • empty pump and skimmer baskets
        • test water chemistry
        • balance water to proper chemical levels
        • clean or backwash the filter (monthly, or more as needed)
        • clean the salt cell (quarterly, or more as needed)
        • visual inspection of pool equipment  

Our pool cleaning program is billed on a flat monthly rate, with common chemicals included.  

Contact us today or call us at (352) 373-0612 to discuss the specifics of your pool and pool usage so we can help you determine the best pool cleaning plan for you. 


green pool vs FLL

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