Never Buy Chlorine Again with the SGS Saline Generating Systems


  With the SGS Saline Generating System, you will no longer experience dry, irritated skin, red burning eyes and that heavy chlorine smell due to by-products of typical chlorine sanitizing methods.  With the Breeze Series Salt Chlorine Generator, your pool will be continually “shocked” by a much milder and safer type of free chlorine that will result in water that feels soft and luxurious. 

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  Saline Generating Systems offers three innovative products for the sanitization of residential swimming pools: the Breeze 320, Breeze 540 and Breeze 760 Salt Chlorine Generators.  The Breeze Series is proudly made in the USA, and designed with the consumer in mind with its simplicity of operation, dependability and increased longevity. 

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With the IntelliChlor, there is no need to ever buy chlorine again!

For a growing number of pool owners, there’s no longer any need to buy, store or handle expensive chlorine products to sanitize their water. They’ve joined the ranks of converts to the IntelliChlor® automatic chlorine generator (also known as a salt pool chlorinator). IntelliChlor® uses plain salt to produce pure chlorine on demand to keep their pools fresh, clear and sanitary. Automatic chlorinators were first used in Australia where approximately 90% of all pools are sanitized with this technology.


With IntelliChlor®, pool owners add a small amount of ordinary salt to their pool water—about a teaspoon per gallon, which is below human taste levels. In simple terms, a chlorine generator uses an “electrolytic cell” that converts salt molecules into sodium and chlorine. The chlorine sanitizes pool water by killing bacteria and then converts back to salt. And then the process starts all over again. Subsequent salt additions are infrequent, so the chlorinator automates the process for long periods without any maintenance.



The benefits of salt pools are significant

  • Chlorine costs keep rising, so there’s never been a better time to invest in automatic chlorine generation technology.
  • The pure chlorine generated by IntelliChlor® automatic chlorine generator contains no impurities that can irritate eyes and skin, or fade swimwear. The softening effect of the sodium makes water feel softer and silkier.
  • Convenience and time savings—now sanitizing the pool is automatic. No more running to the store, handling and storing liquid or solid chlorine products.
  • The constant, low level of chlorine produced eliminates wide fluctuations of over- and under-chlorination. Everything is simpler.

Simpler, less expensive, and able to minimize time spent on pool maintenance! It’s no wonder automatic chlorine generators are quickly gaining popularity in the United States.

Check out our advanced salt pool chlorinator, the IntelliChlor®. Not only will you reap all the benefits of a salt pool, IntelliChlor® also includes onboard electronic intelligence that assures push button simplicity and clear instructions for adjustments, if required.


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