It has been estimated that one in twenty pools has a leak.

This is an unnecessary waste of a major natural resource and allows pool chemicals into our environment. This also increases the cost of operating your pool - higher utility bills and chemical bills. Leaks left unrepaired can damage your pool and surrounding area.

wasting water

Most leaks are not hard to repair.

It takes the underground technology and know-how.

Florida Leisure Pool & Spa uses state of the art electronic leak detection technology to locate these leaks, and in most cases, repairs can be made underwater.

The expense involved is soon regained in lowered pool costs and ease of operation.

We specialize in full pool leak location and underwater repair. We use electronic locators, cameras and sound amplification devices to pin-point leaks. We resolve leak problems.

We also repair pool and deck cracks, do pool acid washes and pool resurfacing.


Contact us to discuss your pool or spa leak and how we can help you today!


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